System Features

  • Automatic policy printing (two sides) including mandatory and optional endorsements.
  • Menu Driven System allowing easy access to programs.
  • Extensive use of line look up tables.
  • User assigned table classification and coding, no need for conversion to our system.
  • Sophisticated scan and search capabilities.
  • Multiple editing features, on line edit of critical information.
  • Drop down HELP windows.
  • Transactional Input Data System designed for ease and simplicity of input.
  • Supports all commercial lines of business, Property and Liability.
  • On line system with all modules fully integrated, no input duplication necessary.
  • Powerful query system allows easy custom report generation.
  • Management reports customized to your specific needs or use the stock VDC reports.
  • Color input screens customized to your requirements or use the VDC system screens.
  • Full and detailed procedure manual and extensive hands on instruction and support.
  • Allows for free form comments.
  • Notepad Capability.


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